Here is a list of compositions which I am currently (January 2017) working on:

Symphony no. 3 - almost finished (96%)
instrumentation: 2222 2220 timp 2 perc strings - duration approx 85 min
Symphony no. 4 - just begun (10%)
instrumentation: 3333 3331 timp 3 perc strings - duration approx 80 min
Symphony no. 1 - total makeover
instrumentation: 3333 3331 timp 4 perc strings - duration approx 50 min
Concerto for String Orchestra - nearly completed (90%)
duration approx 25 min
Tio sånger om att vänta på åskan och en vän (Song cycle with ten songs), lyrics by Calle Flognman - work-in-progress (40%)
instrumentation: fl, cl, a sax, hn, perc, 2 vlns, vla, vlc, db - duration approx 35 min
Evighet - songs for choir, and songs for mezzo-soprano and violin duo - on-going process (? %)
From the Islands (working title), for string quintet (2 vlns, vla, vlc, d bass) or string orchestra - rewriting from earlier string quartet(80%)
duration approx 80 min

Some of the projects during the last years

Two years of studies at Kulturverkstan, International Culture Project Leader. Completed in 2015.

I have started collaborations with the writers/dramatists Susanne Marko and Isa Schöier, on making vocal music and operas. Susanne and I have started to sketch on a children's opera, Panda och Kanin. Isa has written text to a choir piece which I have composed, Sprickan genom tiden, which got its first performance by Vadstena Vocalis and Duo Marinett on November 23rd, 2014.

I have started a research on the subject Meaning and Money. This may lead to an art project, but I have not decided yet on which scale it will be, and with which focus.

Fredrik Hagstedt wrote a piece for professional wind orchestra and young wind players. First performance was in June 2012, by Göteborg Wind Orchestra and young wind players from all over Gothenburg.

The project "Vem har tid?" (Who has time?). Four composers, including Fredrik, have written new pieces for youth choruses. All pieces together will form a great performance which also will include musicians of improvised music, and actors. Premiere will be in May, 2013.

"Sinfonia per due violini". CD-release and First Performance of a large work for violin duo, the well-known Duo Gelland.

Orchestra work "A Little Bit Quicker", composed, and competed with in Uppsala Composer's Competition. I reached the final and the work was performed and broadcasted live in radio.

Piano Sonata no. 2, composed. Premiered by Jonas Olsson.

Commission for birthday party, planned, organised, composed, performed.

Thrilling Music, for clarinet and piano, composed.

Brassessens, for brass quintet, composed.


Last updated January 3rd, 2017