Photo: Evelina Hultqvist


Born in 1975 in Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden.

Through his music he hopes to offer the listener tools to develop/expand consciousness of perception, contribute to rising awareness of intellectual impressions, emotions and thoughts as well as the origins of music, which for him express joy of existence.

Hagstedt’s music has strong roots in a tradition where the melody is a qualitative concept, not just tones after each other. Therefore music’s role and usability is for him primary and quest for originality, secondary.

In addition to poetry he writes lyrics to his own compositions. He has conducted ensembles with up to 17 musicians and singers.


Master Classes at Båstad Chamber Music Festival (2007, 2008)

Composer’s Class at The Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg with Ole Lützow-Holm and Anders Hultqvist. (1999-2003)

Gotland School of Music Composition with Henrik Strindberg and Sven-David Sandström (1997-99)

Private tutorials in musical composition and music theory (1995-97)


Duo Gelland, Göteborg Wind Orchestra, New European Ensemble, Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, Uppsala Chamber Orchestra, Brass Ensemble of Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, GotlandsMusiken, Östgöta Blåsarsymfoniker, GöteborgsMusiken, Musica Vitae, Marinens Musikkår, Göteborg Brass Band, Bergslagens Kammarsymfoniker, Oscar Fredriks Sinfonietta, Göteborgs Kammarkör, Västerås Stadsmusikkår, Delaware Steel (USA), Den Skandinaviska Trombontrion, Amavikvintetten, Duo Violoncellissimo (Ukraina).

Pianist Jonas Olsson, Organist Johannes Landgren, Euphonist Patrik Randefalk, Guitarist Patrik Karlsson, Oboist Geoffrey Cox, Mezzo-Soprano Kristina Wahlin, Pianist Maria Ingemarsson, Violinist Anna Lindal, Flutist Ann Elkjär, Harpist Clara Heinemann, Organist Claes Holmgren.

A large number of students at The Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, Blekinge International Brass Academy, Ljungskile Folkhögskola och KulMus Frölunda.


Statens Musikverk, UNGiKÖR Västkusten, compositions for youth choir (2012), in the project "Vem har tid?"

Kulturskolan i Göteborg, composition for Professional wind orchestra and youth wind players (2012), In

Statens Kulturråd, föreningen C-Y Contemporary (Malmö), composition for two pianists, professional and young student (2011), Poesia per piano diviso.

Rikskonserter, composition för Organist Johannes Landgren and Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, ...vid varje andetag (2006).

Västerås Stadsmusikkår, Sinfonia Meditativa (2005).

Marinens Musikkår and Euphonium Soloist Patrik Randefalk, Euphonium concerto (2004).

Nordic School of Public Health, composition for their 50th Anniversary, performed by Amavikvintetten (brass quintet), Festouvertyr för NHV, (2003).

Organist Claes Holmgren, Visby. Hymnus (1999) and Libellus Sanctae Marie (1998).


Tutor in musical composition at upper secondary school; part of The Stenhammar Project organized by Society of Swedish Composers (2006).

”Composer of the year award” at Bergslagens Kammarsymfoniker summer workshop (2003).

Winner of composition contest held at Uruppförandeklubbens festival in Fagersta (2002).

Winner of composition contest for young composers organized by Östgöta Blåsarsymfoniker (2001).

Works dedicated for (and gratefully appreciated by) Pianist Hans Pålsson, Sonata no. 1; Violinist Tobias Ringborg, Fantasi för soloviolin; Trombonist Ivo Nilsson, Recitativo ed aria; Tubaist Rex Martin, Bottnar; Duo Gelland, Duo no. 1; Gustavo Dudamel & Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, MAGI.

Updated March 10th, 2009